GAP Member Play Days

| Member Play Day Announcement |

  GAP Member Play Days provide Individual Members of GAP with an opportunity to experience other area golf courses in a relaxed, enjoyable environment.

  Registration for the first set of Member Play Days begins March 1. This year, there are 34 confirmed events. Additional dates may be added throughout the season.

  A major change occurred in 2020: the lottery process for entry into Member Play Days has been eliminated. All events are first-come, first-serve.

  The Association made it a priority to heighten the value of each event, which now includes a lunch option. GAP Member Play Days are open to all amateur GAP Individual Members, ages 19 or older, who have a valid Handicap Index. Any GAP Member Play Day participant may request positions for up to four individuals.

  All Member Play Days use a net Stableford scoring system. Points are awarded for each hole based on a score relative to par. In a Stableford system event, once you meet your net limit, you can pick up, so there isn't any pressure to complete every hole. Each Member Play Day event features tee times.

  GAP Member Play Days give individual members an opportunity to experience the Philadelphia golf scene in a relaxed, enjoyable setting. For more information, contact the GAP Office 610-687-2340.